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Resource Description For what you can use it Where you can find it Additional software Tutorials Notes
Carto DB Software to display data in maps online Display data geographically, online, so you can share. None   Free, save maps online
OpenRefine Software to clean data easily. Clean datasets quickly. None   Very useful and powerful, need tutorials to learn.
QGIS Open, free version of Arc GIS for geomapping. Make cool maps, seem super smart. GDAL, Matplotlib (found on the download website) Tool to create interactive inforgraphics Visual pleasure. None    
Datawrapper Tool to create embeddable tables. When you hate Excel. None Made in Germany (for newspaper journalists), so you know you’re getting the best tables money (free) can buy.

R: Open-source statistical computing

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What is JavaScript?

Cool, I wrote some JS, where do I put it?

Where can I learn JS?

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An intro to JS syntax:

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